Welcome to my website for Inner Care Psychotherapy.   

My waitlist has reached capacity so unfortunately I have closed my IFS therapy waitlist for now.  I would suggest you look for other therapy alternatives at IFSCA.CA,  http://ifs-ontario.com/for-individuals/ or IFS-Institute.com


This type of psychotherapy supports individuals with:

       Body-based issues, sexuality and self esteem

•       Challenges with mood such as with anxiety and depression       

       Childhood and adult trauma recovery 

•       Emotional issues related to a life, health or mental health 

       Empowerment and control issues

       Grief Support

       Meaning making through struggle and suffering

        Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptom support

       Relationship and intimacy issues

       Self care  

       Work dissatisfaction, life-work balance and burn-out  

The possible benefits of psychotherapy:

•       Improved emotional, psychological and physical symptoms

•       An increased ability to relax

•       Improved emotion management    

•       Reductions in pain levels or a better ability to cope with pain       

•       The possibility for greater energy and enthusiasm for life

•       Improved management of post traumatic symptoms

•       An ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations

•       A deeper connections to inner resources

•       A greater capacity for relationships and connections with others 

Currently working exclusively offering on-line sessions